Half Of The World’s Population Does Not Gamble Online

Study reveals more about online gambling and the extent of its power in countries around the world. Currently, online gambling is not as widespread as one might think since the study carried out has shown that more than half of the planet’s population cannot access it.

Restrictions and strict regulations are in effect in some countries and jurisdictions, prohibiting access to or the creation of gaming sites. The situation is never the same, it varies from country to country. Anyway, the study does reveal that online gambling remains inaccessible to more than 50% of the world’s population.

Online gambling is ultimately not a global phenomenon

A major hot topic lately, online gambling has aroused a lot of interest and fueled a great deal of controversy. According to the media, the proliferation of this activity is such that it has become a scourge according to some. However, the study shows that online gambling is still inaccessible for a large number of people since more than 50% of the world population cannot play it. Indeed, many countries impose strong restrictions in this area to prohibit this practice to citizens. Some regulations are strict and restrictive, preventing operators from positioning themselves in certain markets.

The analysis also focused on 655 virtual casinos to conquer the strictest markets. The study showed that the most closed countries are the United States, France and Israel and the most open are Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Argentina and Sweden.

According to the study, 61 countries around the world apply a licensing system for virtual rooms (casino and poker room). France is also among these very strict countries regarding online games. In addition, 39 countries and jurisdictions outright ban all online gambling activity. According to the results of this study, 32 countries allow foreign operators to position themselves in their online gaming markets. However, they prohibit local operators from opening virtual game platforms. In addition, 93 nations and jurisdictions grant complete freedom to operators and players since they have never implemented any regulations, restrictions or even a licensing system.

132 countries apply binding and restrictive legislation with regard to online gaming. However, 92 of them do not penalize players who break the rule. 25 on the other hand criminalize those who venture on the web to gamble while 15 sanction them with fines. In view of these figures, nearly 56% of the inhabitants of the planet cannot freely indulge in online games.

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